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What is HTML5 & CSS3?

It's under the Hood of a Website!

Modern Websites are implemented Today with the Help of HTML5 and CSS3. HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language and describes a Syntax (Rule System) that is used to Display and link various Web Documents. HTML5 is now the fifth Version of the Hypertext Markup Language developed by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) in October 2014. Compared to the previous Versions, numerous new Functions such as 2D and 3D Graphics, Audio and Video have been integrated. Plug-ins (extensions) such as Adobe Flash Player, for Example, can now be dispensed with, which has attracted negative Attention due to a variety of Security Gaps and, thanks to HTML5, is now hardly ever used anymore.

The Web Standard HTML5 shows its strengths exactly here. HTML5 provides Programmers with a series of JavaScript objects that can be easily integrated into HTML5 Documents as APIs (Interfaces). Thus the new structuring Elements ensure that the Website is more readable for Search Engines, which in Turn can have a positive Effect on the Ranking of Search Engines. The Compatibility with almost every Browser is also to be emphasized positively.

CSS stands for “Cascading Style Sheet” and means in a similar way “Design Templates connected in Series”. Such Stylesheets are responsible for the visual Design of a Website, completely independent of the Page Structure, which is described with the help of HTML. With CSS, the appearance of all Elements of a Website can be edited centrally, the size of Headings, spacing between Text Sections, the Fonts used and Background Images can be specified and quickly adapted or changed.

CSS3 brings many interesting Features that help Web Designers control the look and feel of a Website. Graphic Effects such as rounded Corners or colored Table rows can be implemented quickly and easily thanks to CSS3.

Media Queries can be used to Tailor the Display of a Page to the viewer’s Screen, which is especially useful for the output of a site on Smartphones (see Responsive Web Design). Because Media Queries makes it quite easy to determine the Resolution, the Orientation of the Screen (Portrait or Landscape), the Size of the Device and the Browser Window. CSS3 shows its full strength only in Interaction with HTML5. These two Technologies are the Technical Basis of Modern Websites and are used daily by Webdesign Mallorca on the Websites of our Clients.

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