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What is Responsive Webdesign?

So that your Website looks equally good everywhere!

Responsive Webdesign makes Websites fit for all Screen Sizes equally. But especially for mobile Devices like Smartphones or Tablet Computers. Responsive Webdesign is the Technical implementation of a dynamically adaptable Website Layout. This not only does justice to the normal PC, but also takes into Account the size requirements of other Device classes.

Today, a Company should no longer do without a dynamically presented Internet Presence. If your Website does not yet adapt to the Screens of the numerous Devices, you are technically a few Years back in Time.

The correct use of Fonts also plays an important Role in Web Design – this also applies to Responsive Webdesign, where the Font has a considerable Influence on the Perception of a Website. For Example, Vector Fonts are used in Responsive Web Design to display the Font in the best possible Way on all Devices.

The professionally optimized View of your Website on Mobile and Desktop Devices has meanwhile become one of the most important Ranking Factors for Google. No Wonder, your Visitors are looking for fast and orderly Information. In the foreseeable Future, non-optimized Websites will therefore continue to lose their Ranking, so that they can expect fewer Visitors to their Website.

The Creation of a Responsive Website is usually more complex, but in principle Future-proof and flexible. This approach is therefore always preferable. However, there are also Applications where another Solution is more suitable. For Example, Facebook, Youtube and other Platforms offer a separate Mobile Webdesign, the scope of which is limited in Contrast to the Desktop Version.

43 Percent of all Page Impressions in Europe in the Period from January to December 2018 were made by Mobile Devices, in Asia their share is already over 65 Percent. User-friendliness has thus reached a new era in the age of the Internet. “Form follows Function” is the current Motto and Webdesign Mallorca consistently implements this on all Customer Homepages.

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