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SEO is an everyday topic for Homepage Operators, but what does it mean? What are the Aims of Search Engine Optimization and how can it be implemented? What is the difference to SEA and SEM?

SEO stands for the English term “Search Engine Optimization”. This usually means all Measures that lead to a Website being as far ahead as possible in the Organic, i.e. unpaid Search Results of the Search Engines for relevant Search Terms. The Goal of SEO, however, is not simply to be at the Top. The Text displayed in the Search Engines should motivate the User to click on the Link to the Website. It is therefore important that the descriptive Text displayed in the Results actually meets the Expectations of the Searcher.

The Basis of all Search Engine Optimization is Research, Evaluation, checking and expansion of the relevant search Terms or Topics, focused on the Target Groups of the Websites. For this Reason, it is essential that the Search Behaviour of your Customers is analysed and that all important Topics are covered by corresponding Keywords on your Homepage. The higher a Website is displayed under a Search Term in the Results, the better is its Visibility, the higher is the Click Rate, the more Visitors can be registered and the higher is ideally then also the Turnover.

On-Page Optimization includes everything you need to consider when designing, creating and maintaining a Website. SEO itself is subordinate to Search Engine Marketing (SEM), which is a Subcategory of Online Marketing. So really all Measures that lead to a better Visibility and Positioning in the Search Results are assigned to the SEM. Also the SEA (“Search Engine Advertising”) belongs to the SEM, the Ranking is simply bought, the Advertising Space then appears on Google for Example above the unpaid Search Results.

In Order to successfully optimize a Website for Search Engines, there is no uniform Strategy. Only many different Measures lead to an increase in the Number of Visitors. And SEO is only useful if the Website has been optimized to achieve the desired Result. Webdesign Mallorca, defines Goals, and Develops a SEO Strategy so that your Website is also found.

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