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Multilingual and international Websites

As is well known, the Internet knows neither Country nor Time Limits. With a Multilingual Website you secure a big competitive Advantage by larger Ranges. However, many Companies shy away from a Multilingual Web Presence because it means a higher Effort in the Creation and Maintenance. Depending on the Industry and the size of the Company, it makes sense to present yourself Internationally online.

However, a Multilingual Website only Works if you provide the necessary Personnel Structures and develop various Strategies for the different Languages and Target Groups. You shouldn’t do Things by halves so that your good Reputation doesn’t suffer in the end.

Due to the international Population on the Island, Webdesign Mallorca has already implemented numerous multinational Projects. We also create your Website or Shop in many Languages. If required, we can also provide native Speakers as Translators, whether English, Spanish, Italian, French or Chinese, you have almost all Languages to choose from.

Search Engine Optimization of multilingual Websites requires a special approach compared to monolingual Sites. Multilingualism requires a special Structuring and Optimization of multilingual Websites. There are many Mistakes that can be made if, for Example, the Link Structure and Path Specifications are not implemented correctly. All this should therefore only be implemented by an experienced Agency such as Webdesign Mallorca, so that your Search Engine Ranking benefits from Multilingualism and does not suffer.

One of the most complex Steps in the creation of a multilingual Website is the correct Structure of the Content. Here it is really important to make sure that the Website is fully translated in every Language. Also Page Titles, Page or Directory Names, Meta Descriptions and of course the Meta Keywords, the alt Texts for the Images must be multilingual so that Google & Co. can take this into account. Content Management Systems such as WordPress can display multilingual Websites very well and also the Maintenance can be implemented very well with it.

Finally, the Pages Navigation is also a very important Part, so that international Visitors can surf as untroubled as possible on your Homepage. Intelligent Websites, for Example, automatically recognise the Language of a Visitor’s Browser and automatically guide them to the correct Language Content. However, the Visitor must still be able to change the Language manually if he or she wishes.

Webdesign Mallorca makes it very easy for you to present and manage your Homepage internationally. We have the necessary Know-How and the right Tools for your internationally successful Web Presence.

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